Announcements for April 5-11, 2009

Today:  8:30 am Matins; 9:30 Liturgy, Classes, Brunch

Tuesday:  6:00 pm Vespers & Confessions

Wednesday:  6:30 pm Presanctified @ St. George Church

Thursday:  6:00 pm Vespers & Confessions

Friday:  6:00 pm Presanctified & Confessions  (Confessions will not be heard after Friday the 10th of April.)

Saturday:  9:30 am Divine Liturgy, Parish-Wide Work Party; 6:00 pm Vigil of the Palms

Sunday:  8:30 am Matins, Blessing & Procession of Palms; 9:30 am Liturgy, Classes, Brunch

A basket to receive donations for Paschal Flowers can be found in the narthex.  Additionally, a container to receive items for The Matthew Project is also in the narthex.  And please return your Feed the Hungry coin boxes by next Sunday, the Feast of Palms.  Thanks.

Please note:
Sign-up for the Paschal Banquet (food and clean-up crew) is on the white board in the Hall.  Please bring your own serving pans, dishes and utensils — and be sure to take them home after the banquet.

For the Paschal Banquet, we are asking that you not bring hard liquor or distilled alcohol beverages to be consumed at church.  Wine, beer, kvass, hard cider, etc., are fine — if consumed responsibly and in moderation.  Please leave vodka, slivovich, arak, rakia, tuica, ouzo, scotch, gin, etc., at home (or at least un-opened if you include it in your Paschal Basket.)  Thanks.

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