Announcements for August 18-24

Icon of the Dormition by Maria Struve

Icon of the Dormition by Maria Struve

Tuesday:: 6 pm Readers’ Vespers

Thursday: 6 pm Readers’ Vespers

Saturday: 6 pm Vespers

Sunday: 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy & Brunch

By the divine command the God-bearing Apostles were caught up by clouds from every place.

When they came to your all-pure body, the source of Life, they kissed it most reverently.

The highest Powers of heaven were also present with their Master, and, seized with awe, they escorted the inviolate body, the body that had received God in the flesh. In a manner beyond this world they went before it and invisibly cried out to the ranks above them:

“Behold, the Queen of all and Child of God has come! Lift up your gates, and in a manner beyond this world receive the Mother of the everlasting Light, for through her was accomplished the salvation of all the mortal race! We cannot gaze upon her, nor is it possible to render honor worthy of her, for her excellence surpasses all understanding.”

Therefore, immaculate Theotokos, who live forever with your Son, the life-bearing King, pray ceaselessly to Him to preserve the new people of God, and to save them from every hostile assault, for we have acquired your intercession, and to the ages, in manifest splendor, we call you blessed.

(From Vespers)

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