Announcements for August 5-11, 2012

Concealing briefly the flesh He had assumed, He was transfigured before them, manifesting the loveliness of the original beauty, though short of full perfection; for He spared them as He assured them, lest seeing, they die. Yet they perceived as far as they were able with their bodily eyes. He likewise presented the chief Prophets, Moses and Elijah, who testified to His Divinity that He is indeed the true brightness of the essence of the Father, the Ruler of the living and the dead.  (from Vespers)

Today: 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy; Lenten Brunch; 6:00 pm Vespers & Litia & Blessing of Fruit

Monday: 6:00 am Divine Liturgy & Blessing of Fruit

Tuesday: 6:00 pm Vespers

Thursday: 6:00 pm Vespers

Saturday: 6:00 pm Vespers

Sunday: 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy, Extraordinary Parish Meeting; Lenten Brunch

Saint Nonna, mother of St. Gregory the Theologian (+ August 5, 374)