Announcements for October 21-27, 2012

St. Hilarion the Great

Today: 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy & Brunch

Tuesday: 6:00 pm Vespers

Thursday: 6:00 pm Vespers; 7:00 pm Choir

Saturday: 5:00 pm Inquirers Class; 6:00 pm Vespers

Sunday: 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy & Pot-Luck Brunch

How can we not wonder at your mystical childbearing, O exalted Mother?  For without receiving the touch of man, you gave birth to a Son in the flesh, immaculate Virgin.  The Son born of the Father before eternity was born of you at the fullness of time, O honored Lady.  He underwent no mingling, no change, no division, but preserved the fullness of each nature.  Entreat Him, O Lady and Virgin, and Mother, to save the souls of those who, in the Orthodox manner, confess you to be the Theotokos. (from Vespers)