Guide to the Wall of Hymnographers and Poets

Wall of Poets and Hymnographers

King David Hannah Miriam Zachariah Simeon The Theotokos St. Ambrose

A Guide to the Wall of Hymnographers and PoetsIf you’ve been to St. Nicholas during the past year, you couldn’t have missed the new icon mural on the south wall (to your right as you face the Sanctuary) of the church.

Heather MacKean created the scene of 22 figures representing the Hymnographers and Poets of the Church.

Now, Tracey Edson, the parish choir director, has written a slim volume telling who all these people are and why they were chosen for the wall at St. Nicholas.

The book shows a small picture of each figure along with a few paragraphs about the life and witness of these musical saints.

If you’d like a copy for yourself, you can pick one up at church (see Father George), or you can order directly from

You can find descriptions of some of the icons on our blog.