Schedule for Holy Week and Pascha

Lazarus Saturday: 9:30 am Festal Divine Liturgy for the Raising of Lazarus; Parish-Wide Work Party to follow; 6:00 pm The Vigil of the Palms

Palm Sunday: 8:30 am Matins & Blessing of Palms; 9:30 am Festal Divine Liturgy; BBQ; 3:30 pm St. Francis Dining Hall

Holy Monday: 7:00 pm Vigil of the Bridegroom

Holy Tuesday: 6:00 pm Presanctified

Holy Wednesday: 7:00 pm Vigil & Unction

Holy Thursday: 4:30 pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy; 7:00 pm Vigil of the Passion of Christ

Great and Holy Friday: 1:00 pm Vespers of the Burial of Christ; The Watch at the Tomb begins; 7:00 pm Vigil of the Lamentations

Great and Holy Saturday: 11:00 am Vesperal Divine Liturgy & Chrismation; 11:00 pm Vigil of the Resurrection

The Feast of Feasts: 12:00 midnight Festal Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection & Banquet; 1:00 pm Vespers of Pascha, Egg Hunt & BBQ

Bright Monday: 9:30 am Paschal Divine Liturgy