The Winter Pascha / Nativity of Christ (December 27, 2009 – January 3, 2010)

tree of jesse

Christ is born, glorify him!
Christ from heaven, go out to meet him!
Christ on earth, be exalted!
Sing to the Lord all the whole earth!

And that I may join both in one word, let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad, for him who is of heaven and then of earth.

Christ in the flesh, rejoice with trembling and with joy; with trembling because of your sins, with joy because of your hope.

Christ of a Virgin; matrons live as virgins, that you may be mothers of Christ.

Who does not worship Him who is from the beginning?
Who does not glorify Him who is the last?

(The introduction to St. Gregory the Theologian’s 38th Theological Oration on The Winter Pascha, ca., A.D. 380 — This text is the basis of the Canon at Matins for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ.)

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Ua hanau ‘ia ‘o Kristo!
E ho’onani ia Ia!

12/24: Nativity Eve — 4:00 pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy; 11:30 pm Nativity Vigil

12/25: Nativity — 12:00 am (midnight) Festal Divine Liturgy & Carols

12/26: Synaxis of the Theotokos — 6:00 pm Vespers

12/27: Sunday of the Righteous Joseph the Betrothed, King David & James the Brother of the Lord — 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 Divine Liturgy & Pot-Luck Brunch

12/29 (Tuesday): Holy Innocents — 6:00 pm Vespers

12/31 (Thursday): Leave-Taking of The Nativity — 6:00 pm Vespers & Molieben for the New Year

1/2 (Saturday): Pre-Feast of the Theophany — Vespers & Panikhida

1/3 (Sunday): Pre-Feast of the Theophany; Prophet Malachi; St. Genevieve — 8:30 am Matins; 9:30 am Divine Liturgy; Brunch