Greetings from Russia from Deacon Igor Beskorovaynyy


Deacon Igor Beskorovaynyy in Russia

Deacon Igor Beskorovaynyy censes the cathedral in Russia

Newly ordained Deacon Igor Beskorovaynyy sent an email from Russia to Father George. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s almost 3 weeks since we came to Russia.

It was difficult to adjust to the time change with our little children, but we’re finally doing fine.

I’m glad to tell that I’ve already served several liturgies in the Novodevichy convent, and the very first service there was with archbishop.

I was really worried how I can come and serve in the cathedral for the first time, but I received a very warm welcome there.

On that first day there was a diaconal ordination, and I was surprised to find out that this new deacon was my former co-worker who I knew before I came to the USA.

He and another new deacon were receiving liturgical practice in the cathedral after their ordination, and I was invited to join them at any service. The regular servers of the church constantly educate new deacons, and they are also helping me to learn my new liturgical role. I’m glad that I’ve found a great place where I can get liturgical practice and receive communion during our trip.

One day I was asked to proclaim one of the little litanies in English. I found that my pronunciation got worse after I came to Russia, but it was still fun to use English here in Russia.

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